Dreams of Flight

Dreams of Flight
300x300x400cm, ply dinghy, eucalypt shingles, found objects, steel, Kerikeri, New Zealand 2020
Dreams of Flight is an installation for Wharepuke/Dalton Trust Artist Residency 2019, Kerikeri, New Zealand. My sincere thanks the Dalton Trust for it’s generosity.

It is a site responsive work with influences from Kerikeri’s history. As so often with my work it’s very much an intuitive piece and it’s hard to settle on exact verbal interpretation.

The result is Dreams of Flight, a playful, interactive installation. An eclectic and eccentric flight of fancy has deeper and darker meanings including metaphors about mankind’s’ desire for exploration and collection of knowledge. To some extent it is satirical note to mankind’s follies and disasters as well.

“Words are not enough” a contribution to ArtCOP21. The Tasman Sea interacts with a stack of 1952 Winkler Prins Encyclopaedie on New Brighton Beach, New Zealand. The stack is the possible hight of sea level increase by 2100 with a 2º celsius temperature rise.

Tibicena 2014

300x50x100cm Site specific construction and and time-lapse video, basalt and limestone.

"Tibicena" was installed during a week long AiNIN sympsium at Tufia, Gran Canaria. It was constructed and shot with the help of Inés Sánches. Many thanks also to the kind people of Tufia.

“Tibicena” tells the story of colonial disposition and cultural termination. Tibicena were mythological creatures of the pre-hispanic inhabitants of the Canary Islands which would appear as wild dogs with red eyes, covered by long, black fur and were seen as bad omens.

In my story/installation the Tibicena appears made from black basalt stone represents the aboriginals of Tufia and is soon enveloped and consumed by a white limestone boat, representing the colonising actions of the conquering Spanish.

Buried inside the body of the boat the black stones of Tibicena still remain but are obliterated by the white stones.

Dance of Life 2008

Dance of Life was a life-size mobile of 5 dancers based on Matisse’s painting built during Spoutbau’s month long occupancy of 4 high-rise condemned apartment buildings by 70 artists in Bremen, Germany 2008 (An artistic/social experiment of altered use).

Dance of Life was made from rubbish and hoarded objects found in the flat of and old man who committed suicide after receiving notice that the buildings were to be demolished. I wanted to make a tribute to the old man and his lost dreams. In flying the mobile between the buildings I hoped give positive use to some of his possessions as I’m sure he was collecting things that he thought would be useful again one day.